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Soaking and stewing time

Since bird nests come from various countries of origin, species, expansion ratio and treatment effect, plus

different grades, pricing and textures, customers can think about the above factors and pick suitable

products based on your own needs. You will find different ways for everyone bird nest. Stew the bird

nest ahead of time and you will easily prepare different cuisine by using it. You will find only 3 easy steps:


1.Soak the bird nest thoroughly, rinse them clean

Fresh White Bird Nest: Soaking for approximately A couple of hours.

Dry White Bird Nest: Soaking for approximately Three hours.

Dry Red Bird Nest:   Soaking for approximately Three hours.                    

Tip: Lots of people would soak the bird nests overnight. When you are performing so, make sure to shorten time   for stewing to avoid the bird´s nest from melting.


2. To stew bird nest, you'll need a stewing bowl along with a pot that may put the entire stewing bowl (ceramic

pot or stainless pot are fine). Put the soaked and cleaned bird nest in to the stewing bowl, add

suitable quantity of water (about 75% of stewing bowl’s volume), cover well and put the whole stewing

bowl in to the boiling water  pot (boiling water  level reach  half from the height from the stewing bowl).

Control the quality of heating

Bird nests ought to be stewed over water in low heat. This prevents the temperature around 80°C and

prevents damaging proteins within the bird nest and reserve the aroma and nutrients.

Stew in low heat for 45 minutes.


3.Once the bird nest cools down, store it in refrigerator. Freshly prepared stewed bird nest could be kept

for 7 days for the most part.

Techniques used in serving bird nest based on body’s nature

Sweet foods are usually mild and great for nourishing the spleen. Your body needs enough

of sweets to manage bodily processes. Bird nest is generally served sweetened.

Salt functions to get rid of heat out of the body and detoxify the blood. The right quantity of sodium

nourishes the kidneys.

When the bird nest is served sweet, add the rock sugar Ten minutes before stewing is finished. When

served salty, add salt before consumption. Should you add salt when stewing starts, salt will disintegrate

the bird´s nest, allow it to be shrink and transform it crispy.