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Pick a way of serving according to your body's nature: sweet, salty, hot, cold

Based on Traditional chinese medicine, the sweet flavor mainly enters the spleen channel. Sweet meals are gentle, not hot or cold anyway. It's properties that provide an alleviating and replenishing effect towards the body. Consuming adequate levels of sweet food can regulate your body functions. The bird's nest tastes and swells better as sweet dish.

Deciding on the Recipes Based on the Body Nature  Choosing The Recipes Based on the Body Nature

For preparing a sweet dish: The rock sugar ought to be added 15 min just before completing the dish. This can keep up with the best qualities from the bird's nest.

A salty dish is known all foodstuffs which are seasoned with salt. Salt is cold anyway and tastes salty. It may remove heat, cool the blood and expel toxins. The salty flavor mainly enters the kidney channel. Consuming adequate levels of salt can replenish and nourish the kidney. It's particularly ideal for patients with diabetes.

For preparing a salty dish: the salt ought to be put into the bird's nest upon serving. If salt is added before cooking the bird's nest will disintegrate, shrink and be crunchy.

Deciding on the Recipes Based on the Body Nature   Deciding on the Recipes Based on the Body Nature

Hot is dry and warm and it is Yang is nature. Its rentals are active, moving and open. Hot dishes are compatible with people whose our body is cool or cold anyway.

Cold is cool and cold and it is Yin anyway. Its properties are calming and resting. Cold dishes are compatible with people whose our body is warm or hot anyway.

Chinese medicine extensively uses the idea of Yin and Yang to describe the histological structure, physiological function, and pathological changes from the body, and also to function as guide for proper diagnosis of treatment.

Yin and Yang represent two opposite facets of every object have a tendency to restricts and act alternatively. In most cases, something that is moving, ascending, bright, progressing, hyperactive, including functional disease from the body, relates to Yang. The options of stillness descending, darkness, degeneration, hypoactive, including organic disease, have to do with Yin.

Generally, the intake of sweet, salty, cold or hot dishes usually depends on a person's body.