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Operating since 1982 With years of experience

Operating since 1982 - With years of experience, Rey Group International is well-known as a trustworthy company worldwide. The local knowledge of bird's nest combined with experience of processing provides a formidable protection for its customers' health future.

Rey Group International is considered one of the best swallow nest producer and exporter companies in Indonesia. With headquarter in Surabaya, East Java – Indonesia, our company expertise has been derived since 1982 when we started to trade cave swallow nest as one of the commodities in crop trading. At present, we are engaging almost in all kinds of nest items which ranged from the most popular house nest to grass nest, feather nest and the rare wild cave nest from various locations in Indonesia.

RGI is definitely an educator, dealer, a manufacturer of absolutely 100% natural bird’s nest. Rather than truly being a bird’s nest importer or retailer similar to our competitors, RGI goes further to softly select our birds’ nests from the huge network of Swiftlet Farms in Indonesia. After that, cautious quality controls are generally conducted inside a trustworthy laboratory to make sure that RGI gives customers using the best quality of genuine pure bird’s nest.

There exists a historical partnership and among the key bird’s nest cleaning plants in Indonesia. Our skilful personnel are been trained in how you can clean birds’ nests to the Quality Assurance guidelines; benefiting customers worldwide. All of these are our effort to give 100% satisfaction to customers worldwide.

Besides as being a trustworthy pure bird’s nest provider, we teach our customers around the verification of genuine bird’s nest. This can help to avoid our customer’s becoming victims of fake or impure bird’s nest. Our expert bird’s nest information research team consistently provides updates on market developments, to ensure that we are able to equip our customers using the knowledge to prevent sub-standard products.

By having an connection with over 3 decades, Rey Group International has supplied significantly towards the

progression of the healthy food choices particularly bird's nest product until now. To determine credibility and additional transparency, Rey Group International is still trying to learn more to become the very best.

All these objective initiatives have helped Rey Group International nearer to customer needs, which further highlighted the entire satisfaction on healthy products. Our promise for you is the fact that we'll work on your purchase on high priority right from the start until it's sent to you, regardless of how small or big. With our business philosophy, expertise and efficiency, we are here to become your most reliable and trusted partner.