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Introduction to Bird's Nests

1. What is Bird's Nest?

Bird´s Nestoriginates fromthesalivaofswallows. Basicallythey'remade fromthesalivaofApodidae swiftlet and also theotherswiftlet underneath thesametype. Briefly, you will findaround90kinds ofswallowsand neverallswallowsalivaisedible. Thoseswallowsthat usuallybringbranches, strawandsoilto constructnests that are notat alledible. Ediblenests are constructed withsalivaofswiftlet, Feather Primeswiflet orGrassswiflet.



(a) : Swiftlet eggs
(b) : Paired swiftlets buildings nests
(c) : Picking bird's nest

2. Country of origin

Origins of bird´s nests are dispersed in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia etc. Different bird´s nests have different textures.

Indonesia: House nest is easily the most common variety in Indonesia with less impurities and cleaner. Texture is smoother and softer. Indonesia may be the origin of highest production volume and supplies about 80% of bird´s nest in Hong Kong.  
Thailand: Thai bird´s nests are thicker, higher density and firmer in texture. It requires additional time in soaking and stewing. Since production volume is small, the costs are higher.
Malaysia: More Feather Prime swiflet nest products, usually swiftlet processed into cakes and costs are low. Since instant meals are usually produced with bird´s nest cakes, there's much less dry bird´s nest cakes in love with the marketplace and costs therefore are increasing.
Vietnam: Quality is high with stronger taste and aroma after stewed when compared with others, but supply is extremely limited.


3. Classification

Bird´s nests are split into the 2 following major categories:

(1) House Nest

Swallow builds nest in the house called swiftlet. House roof consists of wood. The interior setting of the home imitates the temperature, luminosity and humidity of natural caves. Climate is 28°C to 30°C and humidity lies between 89% -90%, environment is humid and dark. Swallows leave the swiftlet house each morning to consider food outside until evening. Since environment is perfect, there is little change impurities and feathers within the bird´s nest which is cleaner with increased complete shape just like a boat or perhaps a spoon. Based on swiftlets´ color they may be split into white, yellow and red (blood). White nests are softer and smoother while golden nests and red (blood) nests are crispier in texture.

New Understanding of the Red (Blood) Bird´s Nest

So far, there are lots of controversies within the formation from the Red (Blood) Bird´s Nest. It's thought that the development from the Red (Blood) Bird´s Nest happens because the swallows have consumed several types of food. You will find different arguments in academia whether this really is because of the enzyme from the food, bacteria from the food, chemical reaction or heat within the food. It's also thought that when the swallows´ feces are collected in the swiftlet house and placed near the bird´s nest for any week (in that no direct connection with the bird´s nest) may also formulate the Red´s nest. There aren't any official supporting or data from bird´s nest industry, academia or different governments to prove if the bird´s nests made by the above mentioned captioned two rationales will vary or otherwise or how you can differentiate. We've consulted many industry practitioners and thought that over 90% of Red (Blood) Bird´s Nest bought from the marketplace (including us) is formatted in line with the latter rationale.


Because of the China Government's random sampling from the Red (Blood) Bird's Nest recently, a few of the customers may worry about that. Our organization has had necessary precaution act and chose to send the attached products with other laboratory with internationally recognized standards for more tests.

Prior to the discharge of the laboratory results, our "30-Day Cash back guarantee System" for customers remains unchanged-customers may return the merchandise(s) within Thirty days and we'll provide product exchange or refund upon presentation from the official receipt and produce back the merchandise(s) to the shop.

(2) Cave Nest: Swallows build their nests on mountain caves, rock caves and cliffs. Impacted by natural climate and environment, the feel is commonly stiffer and harder, having a darker color and fewer appealing appearance. There are other impurities in cave nest also it takes extended period to soak, giving a crispier texture.

Bird´s nests in love with the marketplace include natural bird´s nest cups, strips, threads, crumbles and scattered pieces processed into cakes of various shapes. You will find three major types:


4. Harvesting period and Grading

Usually, the harvesting duration of bird´s nest is separated into many months between your harvesting periods. The nests built throughout the first period, which is from November to March each year, are known as the first-tier nests. The 2nd period and third period follow.

1st tier: With surplus rainfall, reproduction is promoted in small animals. Aerodramus therefore gets sufficient food which strengthens their health, thus result in increase saliva secretion. Impurities are incredibly little. The nests are big and thick and volume may be the largest when soaked. The first tier nests would be the most precious.
2nd tier The second period for building nests. The development sites start entering dry season and also the food source for Aerodramus is reduced. Nests built are looser and also the threads are less closely grouped and fewer dense. The form and volume after soaking isn't as good because the 1st tier.
3rd tier: During the growing season of extreme dryness, Aerodramus have been in their worst body condition. Saliva secretion is slow and feathers disappear quickly, thus impurities (for example feathers) increase. Smaller volume when soaked.

5. Benefits

Bird’s nestcontainsseveralorganicnutrientsincludinghighwater-soluble glycoprotein andprotein. It'sanexcellent restorativefoodthat'sgood forall agesorgender.

However, the customershouldremainconscious thatimpropercleaningbyignorantbird’s nestcleaningplantscansignificantlylessen thenutrientconcentration.

This is asummary ofbird’s nestbenefitsdocumentedbyTCM(Chinese medicine) Practitioners:

1. Improves therebirthofcellsandtissues(Epidermalgrowthfactor).

2. Improves thebody’s defense mechanismsthroughpromotionofcelldivision

3. Strengthensthebody’s self-regulating actionsandpotential to deal withdisease

4. Improvingheartfunctionsand also toreducingblood pressure level

5. Assistswithin theprotectionagainstcancerthroughrichantioxidants.

6. Aideswithin theregenerationanddevelopment ofcells.

7. Aideswithin themanagement ofcancerpatients

8. Regulatescirculationall over thebody.

9. Raises theskincomplexion

10. Reducingfatigue

Bird’s NestBenefitsForExpectingMothers

Thought to bean idealtonicforpregnant womenas well as theirpotentialbabies, use ofbird’s nestcan offeryour bodywithseveralrichnutrientsandbenefits. Regularconsumptionwhile pregnantcanstrengthenyour bodyfrom thewomanand also thefoetus. Additionally, womenconsumingpurebird’s nestpostbirthwillrecoverfarquickerin contrast toladies whodon't. Thisfastrecoveryis related totheEpidermalGrowthFactor(EGF), that ismixed up innutrientsfrom thebird’s nest.

Note: You should purchasebird’s nestfrom thereliableandtrustworthybird’s nestsupplier, particularly whenthebird’s nestis supposedforconsumptionwith aexpectant mother. If yourexpectant motherconsumesbird’s nestcontainingimpuritiesorinadequatenutrientlevels, herbabycan happenfairandadorable, but tend toexperienceaninadequatedefense mechanismsand bevulnerable toillness.

Bird’s NestBenefitsFor males& Women

Ladies whoregularlyconsumebirdnestusually seethemselveshavingfairerand much moreradiantlookingskin. The reason beingbird’s nestis full ofcollagen, proteinandvitamins. Thesethreeingredientsmight helprejuvenatethecomplexion, smoothen your skin, maintainyouthfulnessand stopwrinkles. This can helpboth women and mento appearyoungerand much moreattractive. Because of this, bird’s nestisquicklybecoming acrucialpart of thewoman’s beautyregime. A growingquantity ofgoods arebeingproduced frombirds’ nests, althoughlong-term use ofpurebirdnestwill invariablyyieldthe very bestresults.

Additionally, both women and mencan usually benefit fromimprovedorganperformance. Bird’s nestimprovesheartandkidneyfunctionandstrengthensthelungs.

Bird’s NestBenefitsFor kids

Bird’s neststrengthensthedefense mechanisms, that isvitally importantfor kids. Because of itshighnutrientcontent, bird’s nestaids in preventingthe commoncold, fluand much moreseriousillnesses. Bird’s nestalsoreducesfatigue, this isessential forchildrenwho'reget yourself ready forexaminations. The intake ofbird’s neston thelong timewillpositivelyconditionyourchild’s bodybecause theyget older.

Bird’s NestBenefitsForElderly

Bird’s nesthelpsseniorsto keep theiroverall healthandwellness. Bird’s nestcontinues to becitedlike akeytoolwithin theprotectionagainstcancer. Birdneststrengthensthelungsandkidneys, raises theexcellence of thespleen, clearsphlegm andimproves theappetite


6. Nutritional Analysis

The primarynutritionitems inbird'snestarecarbohydrate(30%) andprotein(5%) althoughitsproteincontentcould berivalthose ofmilkoreggs. Bird’s nestalso includeslots ofcalciumandphosphorus, in addition tosomeironandiodine. You may still findanotheruntraced compositionsthat couldhavemedicalbenefits; hencewe're notable tojudgeitsvaluethrough themainnutrition  contentsalone.

Thevitamins and mineralsof100gofdrynestincludes49.9gofwater-soluble protein(includingamido nitrogen, monoamine nitrogen, non-amino nitrogen, arginine, humin, histidine, lysineandcysteine), 30.6gcarbohydrate(glycoprotein andmucin), 4.9giron, 2.5ginorganic salt(includingpotassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, silicaalong with othertraceelements), and1.4gfiber(DictionaryofChinese medicine, A brief historyofTraditional chinese medicineand also theNutritionTable).

The powerfound in100gofswiftlet nestis345 kcal. Thenests in many cases areservedsimmered inchickenbroth.


7.  Serving Method

Approach toclean"unprocessed" birdnest:

1. Soakthedrycurvybirdnestinside alargebowloflukewatertillsoften, aboutOne houror even more.

2. Drainand take awaysoftenedbirdnestfromlargefeathersanddirt. Placebirdnestinside alargebowlof waterthat isclean.

3. Repeatstep twofor somemoreroundsto eliminateall of thelargedirtysubstances.

4. Prepareanotherseparatebowlwateralong with asharptippedeartweezersto getthosetinyfeather anddirtwhich arestillwithin thebirdnest. To simplytake away thetinyfeather thatsticksaround thetweezer's tipwhenever youacquired, submergethesharptipin to thebowlwateryou'vepreparedseparetely.

5. Drainbirdnestandalterto washwaterconstantlythroughout thefewcleaningstages.

You may evenseparatethecleanedportionsfrom thelargebowl, and puttheminanotherbowl, slowly and gradually.

6. Completethecleaningprocessup untilthebirdnestis completelyfree offeather/ dirt. It could takeas much asThreehoursto accomplishthe job. Now, prepared tocookthisgoodnessthat ought to beinside atype oftransparentjelly-like thinstrands.

ServesFour to five


4bits ofdryandunprocessedbirdnest(*Prepare using theabovelisted methods)

10gramsofthinlyslicedginseng roots(??)


1largelumpofrocksugar, aboutpalmsized(or even moreifprefersweetertaste)



Doubleboilerorcrock pot


1. Placewater, ginseng slicesandreddateright into aceramicbowl/ croak pot(how bigthebowlmusn't benotbig enough, levelshouldreachmax. tillthree-quarter filledto preventspillage). Take itto someboilindoubleboilerorcrock pot, withmediumheat. Whenwaterisboiled, reducefire/ change tolowheatandsimmer for just twohours.

2. Addneatandsoftenbirdnestandwhiterocksugarin to thebowl/ croak pot, and thensimmer for an additional45minutes.

3. Thefragranceofeggwhite-like scentwillemergeinmid-air, at that time. Prepared toservehot, orstoreinrefrigeratorwhen it iscooledatroomtemperature, for everyonechilledlater.

Thetop-graded birdnestwill be able tocookintoloosesuperiorstrands. And it istextureought to besoftandsilky, resemblingjellystrips. Ilovedto bechilledbecause ittastedmorerefreshing.

Birdnestis lowerincalorie. So, it'salrightto beregularly!

Tips: Each and everyfeather within therawbirdnestneeds to becleanedaway, particularly ifthis really isto becomeconsumedbyyoung kids.