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Genuine VS Fake, Good quality VS Poor quality

Delicious bird nest is among the high quality foods on the list of Chinese society around the globe. Bird nest broth is really a delicacy in Chinese dishes. It offers a great deal of benefits to our health. The truth is, the delicious bird nest is considered the most expensive animal items eaten by humans.

Because of its scarcity and higher value in the industry, some dishonest vendors adulterate the actual bird nest along with foreign substances and ingredients. These foreign materials make bird nesting heavier and larger. The suppliers can consequently offer the bird nest at much higher prices.

The original buyers however, desire to purchase a true bird nest instead of a fake one. Listed below are ways to differentiate a genuine bird nest out of the fake one.

i. Perspective

A genuine bird nest seems to be in fibre form as opposed to the fake one is offered in lump shape with shinning surfaces.

ii. Transparency

A genuine bird nest is see-through whereas a fake one is opaque.

iii. Weight

The load of a true bird nest is around 3.5 gram and 8 gram. An imitation bird nest can weigh a lot more than 8 gram.

iv. Test by burning

A genuine bird nest doesn't have sparks at the time of burning as opposed to a fake one has.

You can further test the bird nest by soaking in water that is clean for 30 minutes. Soon after the 30 minutes, you can observe the following:-

i. Physical appearance

A true bird nest appears in fibre/filament form whereas a fake one in grain shape.

ii. Scent

A true bird nest has the scent of albumen of an egg in contrast to a fake one has the smell of additives.

iii. Color

A true bird nest are not going to diminish whereas a fake one will fade.

iv. Extent of expansion

A true bird nest will expand for approximately 2 times the actual size whereas a fake one stretches slightly. You can observe some foreign materials within the fake bird nest.

v. Bubble

A true bird nest will produce bubbles after soaking in the water whereas a fake one has no bubble but the water turns murky. Everyone wishes to spend money for quality items. There are different classes of bird nest in the market. Some shrewd bird nest suppliers try to sell sub-standard quality bird nest at premium prices. The above observation and testing method may help the buyers to avoid falling into the trap of being cheated.

Swiftlet nest is an exclusively designed framework which provides perfect shelter for that swiftlets to grow a healthy diet and hence creating bird’s nest associated with better quality.

An undesirable quality bird’s nesting refers to those that have been chemical processed such as fake bird’s nesting and coloured bird’s nest along with swallow’s feces or even chemical dyes. With regard to greater income, some dishonest businessmen actually replace bird’s nesting with refined seaweed, pigskin, bean posts and whitened fungus.

 There's also businessmen that used whitening agents in order to bleach poor people quality bird’s nesting or include starch towards the bird’s nest to improve weight. These types of artificially as well as chemically refined bird’s nests contain extreme nitrite which might result in cancer. Effectively, these bird’s nests are not only seen lack of diet value but additionally lead to serious damage to wellness.