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Free insurance up to 50,000$

Free insurance up to 50,000$ - Afraid of losing your package / broken package? no need !! By Partnering With Allianz we cover up your package till it arrives in your hand for FREE.

Freight insurance coverage is much like a postal insurance, which supplies insurance for items shipped using the mailbox. The freight insurance does exactly the same for those goods, which are shipped. Additionally, it covers the need for one’s freight shipment in similar manner in which the insurance coverage can be bought unswervingly with the shipper as well as from the third-party freight insurer.

In the event of Protection, specific benefits can vary based on the provider, but many commonly the security with freight insurance includes management for physical loss or damage from most peripheral causes. The amount of protection may be based on the load or even the container count, but many from the companies sell their insurance thinking about the worth of the shipment.

These freight insurances are packaged in line with the approach to shipment which is used. The environment and ocean freight insurance pays payback on assert for delivery moved by whether plane or boat. The street freight plans pay only advantages on goods carried through semi or even truck transport.

Shipping has numerous meanings and it is mainly suited to an actual procedure for carrying items as well as cargo, by any procedures like air, land, and sea. The freight insurance coverage is applicable in these. The floor or land transportation is actually less expensive kinds of shipments such as the air shipments, but they're more costly than delivering by sea.

Allianz is one of the largest global providers of insurance and asset management. Founded in 1890 in Germany, Allianz is a company with a long history and a strong tradition. Allianz now operates in more than 70 countries all over the world and serves more than 76 million clients around the world. In addition, Allianz provides insurance coverage and its services to almost half of the Fortune 500 companies. And, we are proud to cooperate with them.

In fiscal 2010 the Allianz Group achieved total revenues of over 106.5 billion Euros. By the end of 2010, Allianz was

recorded as the world’s largest asset managers, with third-party assets of 1.164 billion Euros under management.

In September 2006, an agreement to merge the company was signed between Allianz AG and RAS Holding S.p.A. Allianz AG from then on, changed its legal form to a Societas Europaea (SE), a European company. Following the registration procedures in Italy and Germany, on October 16, 2006 Allianz SE became the first company registered in the DJ EURO STOXX 50 Index.

Today, Allianz is one of the leading insurance groups in the market who has been trusted to serve millions policyholders consisting of individual and corporate customers. Rey Group international works with the best to give the best protection for your package.