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Free Indonesian Goverment Certificate / Purchase

Free Indonesian Government Certificate / Purchase - Doubting our bird nest authenticity? Our Government Certificate will proof it!! At Free Cost! Yes, you don’t need to spend extra money for this certification. We will do it for all orders, no matter how big or small it is, especially for abroad market.

There are businessmen that used whitening agents in order to bleach poor quality bird’s nest or added starch towards the bird’s nest to improve weight. These types of artificially as well as chemically refined bird’s nests contain extreme nitrite which might result in cancer. Effectively, these bird’s nests are not only seen lack of diet value but additionally lead to serious damage to health.

The government certificate hopefully can be an assurance for our products authenticity and quality. We have export permit, certificate of origin, certificate from Health Department, and other certificates to ensure that our bird nest does not contain animal infection risk or chemical substances, making it safe to eat. We have all legal certificates that you need to ensure the quality and purchase, especially for china.

China utilizes a quarantine entry system on imported foodstuff. Just those foodstuffs which meet conditions can get into China. Just before an imported foodstuff owner or its agent imports whatever foods, a credit card application ought to be designed to the specified inspection as well as quarantine regulators for food label assessment and endorsement. Once the food method is imported, the imported plus Exported Foodstuff Label Approval Certificate will be provided towards the entry-exit assessment and quarantine authorities to try to get check up and quarantine. Customs will, in line with the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Health Certificate issued through the entry-exit assessment and quarantine authorities, release the products.

For your information, all our employees have a minimum age 18 years old and we use a standard processing methods by HACCP based on that Indonesia Ministry of Health standard for food processing standard to ensure our best quality of products. We use standard salary labor from Indonesia Government for labor work systems.

Our bird nest also passed test by AvA ( a singapore ministry for food quality) , Last tested is on 1st October 2012. We maintain our company quality to stands above international standard yet at the acceptable price. This makes us one of the best supplier for bird nest around the world