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DIY Instant Bird's nest

Since bird nest come from various countries of origin, species, expansion ratio and treatment effect, plus different grades, pricing and textures, customers can think about the above factors and pick suitable products based on one’s own needs. Also, whenever you prepare bird’s nest by yourself, it's pure and hygienic without any additives and preservative, 100% genuine and cost-effective. Ready your own instant bird’s nest soup and also have it sweet, salty, cold or hot, whichever you want. You will find different ways for everyone bird’s nest. Stew the bird’s nest ahead of time and you will easily prepare different cuisine by using it. The steps are pretty easy - only 3 of these:

1. Soak the bird’s nest thoroughly*, wash them neat and leave dry.

2. Put bird nest in to the stewing mug and pour warm water until it covers the whole bird’s nest. Cover the stewing mug and simmer with warm water bath for Half an hour. Here's your instant bird’s nest (Don't add any flavorings. Add them when served.)

3. Once the bird’s nest cools down, wrap it with plastic wrappers and store in refrigerator. Freshly prepared stewed bird’s nest could be kept for 7 days for the most part.

Nowadays, there is also the instant version of bird nest. It is really a health treat meticulously prepared just with the very best quality of Golden-Thread swallow's nest plus collagen.

It's produced by most advanced technology innovations. The entire process of manufacturing is totally hygienic, without any addition of artificial colouring, flavouring and preservatives.

Bird's Nest continues to be scientifically shown to be full of active glycoprotein, protein, calsium, iron, phosphorous, iodine, and micro minerals that are easily absorded by the body.

These nutrients plus collagen bring about healthier and much more beautiful skin complexion.