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Did You Know

1. Did you know
Indonesia Supplies 80% of Swallow Bird Nest demands on the world That's why our price is so cheap compare to another yet at the same quality and even better This fact is also explain that we supply almost 80% company around the world that selling swallow bird nest. Buying at us means you are buying bird nest right from the top chain of supplier

2. Did you know?
Like Chocolate, Bird Nest is one of the rare food that actually costs more than pure gold at one point in time

3. Did You know ?
Some seller are using a chemical bleaching to give whiter color on their nest

4. Did you know?
Bird Nest is one of those food that is neither 'heaty' nor 'cooling' so anyone can take it regardless of their body constitution

5. Did you know?
A few greedy seller use more than 10% water in your bird nest to increase its weight
The water contain in your nest can be increase up to 25% .

6. Did you know?
It took 30-45 days for Swallow birds before its ready to make their nests

7. Did you know?
Male swallow bird cannot produce saliva to make bird nest