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Correct way to soak and stew Bird's nest


To stew bird´s nest, you need a stewing bowl and a pot that can place the entire bowl (ceramic pot or stainless steel pot are fine). Place the soaked and cleaned bird´s nest into the stewing bowl, add suitable amount of hot water (around 80°C), cover well and place the entire stewing bowl into the pot. Pour boiling water to half of the height of the stewing bowl and simmer.

Water level in the stewing bowl
The level of other ingredients and boiled water (or other nutrients) added to the stewing bowl shall not exceed 70% of the stewing bowl. This is because during the process of stewing, all ingredients being heated will expand and increase the water level. If the water level before heating is too high, it may lead to overflow and wastage.

Control the degree of heating
The mitogenic stimulation factor in bird´s nests stays active around 80°C, thus boiling would lead to reduced effect. Bird´s nests should stewing over water in low heat. This keeps the temperature around 80°C and thus prevent damaging proteins in the bird´s nest and reserve the aroma and nutrients. Thus, when stewing bird´s nest, hot water should be used both inside and outside the stewing bowl and it should be stewed. If time is not allowed, it is the safest and most convenient way to use electronic stewing pot and set it to low stewing.