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Rey Group International


"We currently have a number of exciting job opportunities for fresh graduate."

If you are interested to work with Rey Group International, then forward your resume and application letter, to the following email address: career@reygroups.com

Due to the high volume of responses we receive, we will only respond to qualified candidates. You need not submit more than one resume during a one-year period unless your work history, phone number or address have changed.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer relocation. All information will be kept strictly confidential. Thank you for applying to Rey Group International. 

Quality and Value

Why Us?

  • Operating since 1982 - With years of experience, we know what we are doing, after-all Experience is the best teacher,. more
  • Free insurance up to 50,000$ - Afraid of losing your package / broken package ? no need !! By Partnering With allianz we cover up your package till it arrives in your hand for FREE. more
  • Free Indonesian Goverment Certificate / Purchase - Doubting our bird nest authenticity? Our Goverment Certificate will proof it !! at Free Cost . more
  • Expedited Shipping - By Partnering with UPS ,fedex and ems , We Guarantee 3-5 working days arrival and updated you with tracking number more