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Build your own bird nest store

We understand how each country demand for bird nest grade is different , for example : singapore and USA bird nest's demand is totally different
as a professional working since 1982, We are able to provide any grade and quality specialized for your country and market.
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Including tips building your brand and quality control.

Requirements :
1. NDA between you and Rey Groups international legalized by local notary for purchasing minimum 5kgs/ month for minimum 3 months contract
2. You are committed to sell our bird nest with your brand , In your store online / offline

What you will get :
1. Box with your own brand crafted
We know how important a brand is, we will help you build your box with your brand by our top-notch designer

2. Bulk Price for you !! Best Price you will ever get !!
 price that you are seeing in our website is retail price, all of our partners and distributors around the globe will get cheaper price  , to ensure all of distributor could run their business smoothly

3. Free advertising of your brand and store address in our advertising network located in:
   Hongkong, China, Taiwan ,Singapore and USA
We have our brand building department advertise our product in those countries every month !! not just few months, this ensure your store will be known across the globe and you spend nothing on advertising , 

4. Dedicated Sales Account manager for you 24/7
We know how our partner require immediate assistance for urgent queries , on Rey Groups International, we have a manager dedicated to each distributor to handle urgent queries. that makes us stable on this business for more than 20 years

Please Contact our sales department by sending an email to
sales@reygroups.com or by calling 628 128 532 0797. (english)
24 hours a day and 7 days a week