Swallow Bird Nest Benefit

The swallow’s bird's nest has a long history dating back to the ancient Ming Dynasty of being able to cure or prevent variety of diseases. It is widely believed by many physicians throughout the world to help regulate the function of endocrine system as well as other body functions. In ancient times, the genuine bird's nest nest would only be consumed by people of rich and famous stature such as the Emperor of China due to its very rare and expensive price. However, over time swallow’s bird's nest have become widely consumed by people regardless of age or importanc

Bird nest soup recipe for Chinese New Year

Recipes for Chinese New Year with a basis of bird nest

Appetizer Recipe Cuisine: Recipes Delicious Swallow Nest Soup for the Hari Raya Lunar New Year, so would make a great appetizer at Hari Raya Lunar New Year 2012


The Swallow's Nest

Since thousands of years ago, the kings and the noble of China has been interested to consumed swallow's nest.
Until now the Chinese still consume it because there are a lot of advantage by consuming swallow's nest, for example :
1.  To speed up blood circulation and to refine skin.
2.  Strengthen our lungs
3.  Maintain our health
4.  Also the Chinese have a belief that by consuming swallow's nest can make them to remain young.

Regarding to the his

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