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Bird Nest Appraisal

As we all know, there are many kinds of bird nests based on their origin, shape, and quality. And, some people have their own favourite. At Rey Groups International you can ask any type of bird nest that you want and we will provide it for you.

Rey groups international have more than 10 bird nest locations spread accross Indonesian Archipelago. Each nest have their own characteristic and quality. Seeing the varieties, you might get what you ask here. Yes, we can produce bird nest according to your quality request.

Here we have 2 kinds of nest:

House Nest:Swallow builds nest in the house called swiftler house. House roof consists of wood. The interior setting of the home imitates temperatures, luminosity and humidity of natural caves. Climate is 28 to 30oc and humidity lies between 89 to 90%, environment is humid and dark. Additionally, it expands a lot more than cave nests. White nests are softer and smoother while golden nests and red (blood) nests are crispier in texture. This really is because of higher mineral content in golden nests and blood nests.

Cave Nest:Swallows build their nests on mountain caves, rock caves and cliffs. Impacted by natural climate and environment, the feel is commonly stiffer and harder, having a darker color and fewer appealing appearance. There are other impurities and takes extended period to soak, giving a crispier texture.

To order a special bird nest, simply send us your bird nest example to our office by mail or courier service. Then, our team of expert will appraise and give the best price quotation based on your demand. include natural bird’s nest cups, strips, threads, crumbles and scattered pieces processed into cakes of various shapes. We will do our best to provide the exact nests at better price.

So, remember to give us a call if you want special or rare bird nest. And please keep in mind that you would not need to pay for our appraisal service and consultation. We do not let our customer down even a bit.