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Our Company

Rey Group International is considered one of the best swallow nest producer and exporter companies in Indonesia. With headquarter in Surabaya, East Java – Indonesia, our company expertise has been derived since 1982 when we started to trade cave swallow nest as one of the commodities in crop trading. At present, we are engaging almost in all kinds of nest items which ranged from the most popular house nest to grass nest, feather nest and the rare wild cave nest from various locations in Indonesia.

By having over 3 decades of experience, Rey Group International continues to supply and push the progression of healthy food choices, particularly bird's nest product for all people. We are here to give the best of nature to everyone. And for that reason, RGI continually tries to find innovation and method to ensure the quality of every product delivered.

Our processing factory infrastructure is here to bridge between raw material seller and the finished products buyer. We have the most complete product range, aiming to serve you with one-stop satisfaction. Our performance helps you to be focused only on your marketing activities and we also try to provide your other necessities in this business.

Vision & Mission


To become a prominent provider of natural health food


  • To actively seek for natural health source remedies for human’s health food.
  • To contribute all of our efforts for communities’ health, harmony and happiness.
  • To give the society an education about the importance of consuming healthy food as one of healthy tips to prevent illness.

Quality Assurance


  • Our product is derived only from pure selected swallow nest which is carefully handpicked without using any chemical treatment. Make sure you find our security label attached to the packaging as a guarantee for our quality assurance.
  • Each of our packaging is completed with detailed information about the dry weight, wet weight and product’s quantity. Please notice our product quality by the wet weight contained in our product.
  • Besides focusing on our marketing activities, our company is also looking forward for customers’ benefits and satisfaction.



RGI offers various types of nests, for example; cave nest, house nest, and bottled nest. Three popular house nests on the market are golden nest, white nest, and red nest. Cave Nest is regarded as probably the most nutritious among those other bird’s nest due to the habitat produces many minerals as well as proteins required to result in the nest. Whereas bottled nest is refined bird nest via a delicate hand cleansing process to get rid of the naturally-contained pollutants (feathers, dirt, etc.) and also to make sure the forms remain excellent.

All our bird nest products come with legal government certificate. The government certificate hopefully can be an assurance for our products authenticity and quality. We have export permit, certificate from Health Department, and other certificates to ensure that our bird nest does not contain animal infection risk or chemical substances, making it safe to eat.

For your information, all our employees have a minimum age 18 years old and we use a standard processing methods by HACCP based on that Indonesia Ministry of Health standard for food processing standard to ensure our best quality of products. We use standard salary labor from Indonesia Government for labor work systems.

As a registered health-food processing company, we maintain to keep our products' health standard by applying the Good Handling Practices in our processing plant. Our production process assures products hygiene and applies no chemical substance which guarantees that our product is safe to consume. If necessary, we can attach sanitary certificate in every shipment. With our business philosophy, expertise and efficiency, we are here to become your most reliable and trusted partner.